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7 34 1954 1961 1967 1973 2016 10 and her sister emma 101amanda 1994 teutopolis graduate gregg lohman gives a thumbs up to senior jacob mette after presenting him with the lindvahl legacy scholarship. 3yearold 7.62 a a member of the michael matthews foundation team races past the time station outside effingham high school early thursday morning. pippa middleton abate of illinois crossroads chapter program manager leslie shadell eyes a shot during abate's broomstick pool tournament saturday afternoon at ichabod's in effingham. funds raised are going to the lake land college scholarship fund. adrianna robison gets her pigtail measured by taylor hartke and korrie hartke during the 2017 little miss pigtail contest held at the effingham county fairgrounds tuesday night. her longest pigtail length was 18 inches. adrianna is the daughter of sawyer robison and kierra scoles of beecher city. charles mills photo afternoon afternoon. age alex altamont altamont danielle altamontchandra altamontjon altamontjustin altamontlauren altamontmacy altar boys and members of the teutopolis knights of columbus lead the processional for mass. alyssa ambasketball ambassador and bob after accepting the excellence in business award for dan hecht chevrolettoyota saturday evening at the thelma keller convention center. and janet dhom and morgan wilson autograph a sign for coach mcdonald friday evening at klosterman field. andrew andrews anna gillett anniversary anthony anthony basketball alex anthony basketball jenna anthony basketball katie anthony basketball kaylee anthony megan anthony neil anthony'sjohn anthonybasketball anthonybasketballmakayla anthonybelletteslil'ettes anthonychristmas anthonydieterich anthonyjacob anthonykate anthonymaggie anthonymakayla anthonymegan anthonynewtonbasketball anthonynuxollniebruggenewtonbasketball anthonypatrick are presented to the crowd as the 2014 st. anthony homecoming queen and king friday evening in the enlow center. behind area area residents celebrate easter sunrise service at the cross in effingham sunday morning. arkansas to attend the midamerica motorworks corvette funfest. as at austint autumn ava bakerbeecher barbara and james schouten of rockville basketball beasley beecher beer beginning being bergbower bishop bishop john paprocki blesses the holy sacrament during mass. bishop thomas john paprocki addresses the teutopolis community during the homily of mass. bishop thomas john paprocki blesses the crowd as he finishes mass. bishop thomas john paprocki looks to the crowd during celebration of mass. bishop thomas john paprocki looks to the crowd during the celebration of mass. bishop thomas john paprocki recites the glory of god during mass. bishop thomas john paprocki stands reverently during mass. bishop thomas john paprocki walks towards the altar to preside over mass. bobber book both of farina prepare to model clothing by aces eights western wear during the ladies night out event at the thelma keller convention center thursday evening. bow. bowenlouisvillebuck brandon brownstown bruce kessler discusses the political relationship between stephen a. douglas and abraham lincoln saturday afternoon at the effingham vfw post 1769. bushuesacred business. but she chose the jewelry. brumleve was next and chose the television. ruholl said the rings been on her hand these twentyfive years cafe caleb carie basketball carts catholic celebration. centertraind central centralfischer championshipbasketball charlotte chbc ava chbc micah chbcautumn chbcmicah chbcmorrisonlady choice christmas cierra citybasketball citybasketballmicah cityblake citycentral citycheerleaders clark co cleans the exterior of his modified 2014 corvette stingray thursday evening in downtown effingham. purifoy is a chevrolet dealer just north of denver who is in town for midamerica motorworks corvette funfest. cobblestone hotels cody community corrals country county courney cowden cowdenherrick cowdenherrickbeecher cowdenherrickcaleb cowdenherrickluke cows cross cumberland running back dreyton ruholl squeezes through for short yardage and a first down in the first quarter versus lsa decatur friday night at cumberland high school. dalton derek detectorevergreen dieterich dieterichcandace dieterichcell dieterichcourtney dieterichdalton dieterichkatilyn dieterichsnow division dog donaldsonrepulicanselection during early effingham effingham basketball kelli effingham felicia effingham high school senior jessica miller is crowned homecoming queen by last year's kaitlyn rush friday evening at klosterman field. effingham high school senior jessica miller is crowned homecoming queen by last year's queen kaitlyn rush friday evening at klosterman field. effingham high school seniors jantzen michael effingham's kevin daugherty drives to the basket around althoff catholic's eric mertens 33 and kevin renner 20 at the enlow center during the st. anthony turkey tournament tuesday evening. effinghambasketball effinghamclark effinghamdrew effinghamhunter effinghamjantzen effinghamjosie effinghamkelli effinghamkennan effinghamleighton effinghamstephanie ehs elmo elmo levi elmoconnor elmodani elmomolly elmoreece express expressjarrett fair falbe fashioned feezel first lady first lady jeannie gaddis throws her hands in the air after showing the participants in the tot rod tractor pull how to pedal to a full pull saturday afternoon during teutopolis' terquasquicentennial anniversary celebration. flach flachaltamont foremankyle francisteutopolis full fundraising gardewine gardewinebulldogsthanksgiving garrett geese generating giggles girl goeckner goecknereffinghamalex goecknersacred goodmanbranches grade grady greets gregg gillespie has his beard measured at .75 inches sunday evening at the beard judging as part of teutopolis' terquasquicentennial anniversary celebration. while he didn't win for longest beard guests watch the style show during the ladies night out event at the thelma keller convention center thursday evening hablewitz halloween hardiek hartke hartke basketball he did win for best groomed. heart heartsbasketballisaac hecht heiserman heisermancowdenherrickthanksgiving helmuth high hill hinterscher hinterscherbasketball hinterscherdieterichcumberland hinterscherdieterichthreepoint hoelscher homecoming homecomingcharlie homily hopper horn hornetsbeecher hornetsregional humane husband iga in in enjoy a sunny morning near their his and hers corvettes on the mid america motorworks campus sunday morning. mrs. schouten brought her 2002 corvette convertible and mr. schouten brought his 1984 corvette coupe. insect interest is a part of an eightmember team raising funds to help educate children of throughout the world. according to ms. middletons bio on is outgoing king and queen john goeckner and lane steppe. jacob jake jansen jeff and cindy hardiek of teutopolis enjoy the fireworks display saturday evening as part of the terquasquicentennial anniversary celebration. jenkinssantavillage jerry jewelry jim hecht speaks to the crowd alongside his brothers lr dan jr. joey john johnson jon jones jones basketbal lchbc jones basketball jonesbasketball joneschbcbasketball jonescowdenherrickbeecher josie karen brumleve kaylee niebrugge of sigel launches a free throw in the 89 year old division. keithbasketball kelli kessler kevin merrill places a plaque on the windshield of his 2013 corvette grand sport thursday evening in downtown effingham. merrill with his wife lisa travelled from harrison kindergartenearly klauservote kramer kuhnsaltamont kuhnsbasketball lacey brandt of beecher city watches the parade along main street sunday afternoon as part of teutopolis's terquasquicentennial anniversary celebration. brandt's mother is a teutopolis native. larkbasketball larkknocksbasketball lauren laynae learning leaves levi levittbaseballtroy lexie lifewrappingvillage lights linda looks lot luke madison madison woelfer maggie mahaffeybasketball makayla mall manley martellibasketball martin's mass. massage matt maxe ybasketball maxey maxeystites mayhaus mcginnisbasketball mckay mckaybasketball meals megan megan nuxoll and john sandschafer meinhartbasketball metal micah michaelbasketball midamerica motorworks ceo mike yager slaps the hand of corvette funfest attendee thursday evening in downtown effingham. midamerica motorworks corvette funfest attendees parade down jefferson avenue in effingham thursday evening. mike tragically died descending the summit of mount everest. the foundation helps to provide education to children all over the world. mike's brother james is part of our team. montgomery moorebasketball moorebasketballhornets moorethanksgiving morgan morgason mr. schouten is a 16year veteran of the us marine corps and 13year veteran of the national guard. the schoutens have four children three of which who have served in the us military and a fourth who is currently active duty. mules mummbasketballbrownstownst. neogajake newton niebrugge niebruggeeffingham niemergaltamontmadison niemergaltamontrenee niemergbasketball nuxoll nuxoll basketball of ohnesorge ohnesorgedieterich ohnesorgentcdieterichcourtney on or pageant paprocki parade park parking part participation paruleski basketball paruleskichbcbasketball patti ruholl pedal pedals perry petroutilitysandy pikewebsterhabingherzingfuture platzjared polar popest. praying during mass. pruemer pruemerbasketball pull pumpkin ray reads the first reading from book of kings. reed relay repkingbasketball reward richards richardsbasketball riley rileybasketball rileybasketballchbc robb robbbasketball rod rollie purifoy of ft. lupton rosary roy rudy ruholl's ryan sales saturday savannah scales schmidt school schoolplay schuette schuettebasketball schultzpaige scouts seconds sefton seibertvolleyball selling sesquicentennial share a moment of laughter recounting shooting shopping shotgundavid showdown shullcumberlandbasketball sight signing singing the responsorial psalm. smith smith basketball smithbasketball snowcovered snowman soccer society south spa square st. st. anthony st. anthony senior logan braunecker spikes the ball during the second set tuesday evening at effingham high school. standfieldeffingham stands stephanie stephanie bushue of effingham tries a sample of bananas foster by firefly grill's chef de cuisine benjamin downs during the ladies night out event at the thelma keller convention center thursday evening. stewstras stombaugh sue sunset susan logan of mason raises her hand in song while attending easter sunrise service with her family at the cross sunday morning. tanner television tennis terquasquicentennial teutopolis teutopolis basketball derek teutopolis basketball devin teutopolis basketball reed teutopolis derek teutopolis madeline teutopolisanna teutopolisbasketball teutopolisbasketballdevin teutopolisbasketballmadeline teutopoliscierra teutopolisdanielle teutopolisderek teutopolisjared teutopoliskyle teutopolismadeline thanksgiving tharp the sister to the duchess of cambridge thomas thompson thompsonbasketball tickets tiffany tillmanntc to toledo tony munoz of iglesia bautista latina and josh morrison of cornerstone christian church lead the congregation in song during easter sunrise service at the cross sunday morning. tot totten basketball tournament tower town's tractor traub treat triad trick tuesday tyson upside utz utzbasketball vahlingwalshst. vaughn vogel volleyball voting waldhoff waldhoffteutopolis walsh walshbasketball walshjansenst. wanted wards warner wellssouth wendlingbrownstownst. wente wheelssanta while brumleve said the television still works just fine. former first ladies were introduced at the oktoberfest event which kicked off teutopolis' 175th celebration activities saturday evening at the teutopolis knights of columbus. wiggles will willenborg williams basketball williamsonalthoff williamsonst. woltman yard year zerrusen zerrusen basketball zerrusenbasketball zerrusenschoomorer 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